Friday, February 13, 2015

Days 10 - 11

The days chug on by. My day consists of  make smoothie, hot tub, shower, wash hair, take photo, cream of wheat, nap, lunch, putter around house for a bit, nap, smoothie, family time, dinner, and then a loooong night.  That is my greatest challenge right now. The nights. I am normally a belly sleeper, so having to sleep on my back in an upright position isn't very easy for me. I have to have several pillows, most importantly, the airline neck pillow. It seems difficult to keep my jaw closed with all of the swelling and what not. So the neck pillow helps to support my jaw without having to use the muscles as much. It seems to help.
BIG DEAL for me!! On day 7 I began to drink good out of a child's sippy cup!. This is so monumental for me because now I can put away the syringe!
By day 9, I am drinking out of a travel mug. The opening is a little bit bigger than the sippy cup which lets me slug down my smoothies without too much of a mess. I still have lots of numbness in my lips, mostly on the left side. I can feel the cold sensation of the smoothie enough to drink it this way.
My diet consists almost completely of instant potatoes and stuffing mix!! Every day. Sometimes 2 X a day! I baked some tofu with fake turkey gravy to go with it, but the tofu is a bugger to get out of my braces! Hubby blended up a Salmon burger with broccoli which was really tasty. I try to get enough protein as I know this is critical for the healing process. Eating spinach to help boost my iron and calcium.
I am brushing my teeth several times a day with regular toothpaste and a baby toothbrush. It is very soft and I go real slow. Then I rinse with the Chlorhexidine Dr. prescribed for me.
Day 10

Day 11

Bruising Day 11

Most days are slow and easy. I used my exercise bike 2 X this week. Mostly just because my legs were so jumpy in the evening. It seemed to help, but I couldn't go too long. Only went about 3 miles which takes about 10 minutes.
Other 4 grandkids came by today. They hadn't seen me yet. First they stared and then they went along like nothing was any different! I was so happy to see them.

On Day 10 hubby and I took the dogs out to the beach. He walked them and I sat in the sun near the jetty. It felt good to get out in the fresh air. I do get fatigued easily though. 

I have so much to be thankful for. Many of my family and friends have been praying for me during this journey and for that I am very grateful. Each day I am truly amazed at the healing power of the human body that God has created. A miracle for sure.

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