Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 3

My memories of the days in the hotel room scroll through my brain like a late night movie. Much of the time it consisted of..."when do I get my next pain meds?"
My caring husband tenderly attended to all of my needs without any hesitation. When I was ready to eat some semi soft foods, he went out foraging for some instant cream of wheat. When I needed a decongestant, he scurried down to a local pharmacy to purchase some. He had to continually trudge up and down the stairs to fill the ice bucket with ice for my "jaw bra". I could not have done any of this with out his help and support. Thank you, Sweetie.

 These cute little flowers were in our room when we arrived. From my husband's co worker and his wife. My orthodontist had flowers sent also. I though that was extra special.

I had to use a syringe to get most of the sustenance I needed. This included meds, cream of wheat, smoothie, water. All of it had to be given through a small syringe. I wished I would've had a bigger one, but we did fine with the one we had. I was able to eat applesauce with a spoon. I had to crush pills and take them with the applesauce, YUCK. I never knew that Aleve and Sudafed did not come in liquid form.
 I slept in an upright sitting position with lots of pillows and an airline neck pillow for support. We brought along a boxful of post surgical supplies, such as drool cloths, Ocean saline nasal spray, a small portable Humidifier, a small blender, suction bulb and a bunch of other much needed items. So we just pressed on through until it was time to head home.

I look pretty miserable in these pics.
We stayed at the hotel for 2 days. Mostly I just laid there with ice on my face only getting up and down to use the bathroom facilities. I took a shower right away, being careful not to get my sutures wet.

I am going to my first post op appointment in these photos. We walked the 3 blocks to the Dr. office. I got a lot of weird looks from people on the street, but I didn't give it much thought.

Dr. says every thing looks great. During surgery, he had put in a bite splint to help support my new upper palate until it heals. He removed my bite splint and showed it to me. I had no idea it was even in there! It looks just like a retainer. I have to wear it for 10 weeks but I can take it out to eat.

I feel fortunate that I had such a wonderful surgical experience. I have read LOTS of other jaw surgery stories on the blogs and some of the things people have gone through have been pretty horrific. I had minimal bleeding, virtually no bloody noses, no problems with breathing or swallowing. When my surgeon asked me if I had encountered anything that I didn't feel prepared for I had to honestly say NO. I felt like everything went along just as he said it would. Truly, this surgeon is the most experienced physician that I have ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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