Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 13 - Valentine's Day

Day 13

Day 13
Day 13
 Had another monumental step today. I drank my smoothie out of a regular cup!! I didn't even spill any. Now that I can drink regularly, I should be able to drink anything at all.
Soon I will have my first glass of wine!! Yay!

 I also ate a small bit of cinnamon roll. I had to chew very carefully and slowly, but man was it good!
I feel like the next few weeks will just be more of the same kinds of progress. Each day I will be able to feel more inside my mouth, the swelling will continue to go down, the foods I eat will progressively become more complex.

I have my first orthodontia appointment in 2 days. Not sure what that will entail. Below is a picture of the bite splint that I will wear for the next 8 weeks. I can take it out to eat, but I am to wear it most of the time. I goes up behind my upper front teeth over the graft area.

This is my dwelling place most of the time. In the corner of the bed you can see my newest rescue kitty, Annabelle. She has been resting on my bed the entire time I have been home. She only gets up every once in a while to do what all cats need to do. It's nice to know that I am not the only lazy one around here.  The weather has been nice and sunny so it's nice to get outside to catch some rays and some much needed Vit D.
Not really going out anywhere yet. Had an invite to a retirement party the other night, but I didn't go. I want to get as much rest as possible while I can. Besides, all that talking and smiling, I just know my jaw muscles would be killing me by the time I got home. My first outing will be to the orthodontist.

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